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The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about improving quality of life and facilitating overall social wellbeing. The activities such as philanthropic activities, environment protection, help enhancing education and health, programs that elevate the standard of life for people are some popular CSR initiatives. The leadership within an organization has a prominent role to drive the organization towards success with CSR. The level of contribution and engagement in CSR activities by everyone in the organization depends on the vision, organizational objective and stakeholders’ interests.

It is the common perception that for CSR initiatives we may have to seek and find those in need of help from specific communities. Sometimes the perception also establishes that we need to reach remote places to engage effective CSR initiatives. However, these perceptions distant organizations and people from frequent and effective implementation of CSR initiatives. Very often, we could find right communities to reach within from among the employee or the neighborhood around the factories and offices would have enough qualified target audiences. If you approach the CSR planning with such novel perspective you can get productive with these activities in quick time.

The Pyramid of CSR

The levels of responsibilities associated with CSR.


Economic Responsibilities

The main goal of role of a business is to produce goods and services with a focus on economic functions and profits, but without hurting principal of responsibilities. This is the foundation of any organization. An organization will not continue to exist if economic responsibility is not met.

Legal Responsibilities

Society has sanctioned business not only operate it as profit motive but also comply with the laws and regulations set forth by the state. Organizations are expected to pursue their economic missions within the framework of the law. Legal responsibilities reflect a view of "codified ethics" in the sense that they embody basic notions of fair operations as established by our lawmakers.

Ethical Responsibilities

Organizations must meet the ethical norms. This involves employees, shareholders, consumers and community. Organizations need respect and protect of stakeholders’ moral rights. This will ensure that the whole of the organization would win.

Philanthropic Responsibilities

The utmost objective is to be a good corporate citizen, contribute resources (both physical and intellectual) to the community to improve the quality of life. The society expects business to be good corporate citizens. That can be done by promoting human welfare such as providing financial resources for education/health/environment betterment, community development programs, facilitate to humanitarian programs and similar philanthropic projects.  

How we may help?

CSR Assessment Framework

The framework is designed to help you align to the CSR pyramid. The assessment framework incorporates organizational vision, organizational objectives, stakeholders’ interests. It will have a spectrum that will be spread over to legal compliance and philanthropic responsibilities. It will help you to keep focus on the sustainability of the market, engage in initiatives that address pressing needs affecting human lives and ecosystem. Hence the framework will ensure you gain good will of people and spread a good name of your organization.

The tool is tailor made to meet your organization’s requirements. The scope is designed after a broad discussion with management and leadership.

The scope consists of workplace assessment, discussion with management and employees and respective record reviews. Afterwards full review report with suggestions will be provided with a comprehensive framework of short mid and long-term considerations. It will also include implications of time, effort and budget you may have to invest when meeting your CSR needs.

CSR Initiative Design and Implementation

Once you get to know what you can do with assessment, you may want us to help you with design and implementation of some of the CSR projects of your choice.

We can help you with design and implementation that will have positive and lasting impact on environment, global sustainability, socio economic and cultural factors.

Direct sourcing for high end CSR factors will not be convenient to you, which will be another operational cost and time waste. This can be resolved by indirect sourcing of the particular CSR projects. We can provide a specialized team ensure efficient and reliable implementation and delivery of CSR projects that suites you.


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