Blue Flower

We are focused on uplifting people’s lives. We want to help you, your family, your community and your organization to grow and achieve your dreams.

For all people, it is a basic human right to have a proper education and then a happy and healthy life. Our mission is to help everyone understand how to build financial independence and then move on to uplift the social status.

To be able to build a better lifestyle, first, one has to focus on financial management. The basic income is key, and you need to build basic skills to ensure a basic income. That is the first step towards personal development. While people want to get rich sooner, there are no shortcuts. Get rich in a short time is a myth, unless it is a scam. What matters is to understand that a persistence approach would lead you to sustainable income and eventually to financial independence.

Simple Path to Personal Economic Development

First earn, do a job. Then develop, get promoted and build skills. As you earn more, learn to save more. Savings kept in a bank account will lose value over time due to inflation. Hence you need to gradually focus on acquiring assets as well as investing. When you invest, you need to focus on a diverse portfolio to minimize the risk. Do not put all your eggs in the same basket.

Being Your Own Boss – Embrace Failure

Over time, you would want to gradually get into entrepreneurship. Starting their own business is a dream for many. But not many would be able to realize that dream. What should you do to start your own business? While it is not a walk in the park, you can start your own business and be successful. First, you need to start one as soon as you can, rather than just keep planning. You need to just do it. And you also need to remember that your first attempt could fail. That is not a reason to back up. In fact, you might fail multiple times, when you initially start. All failures need to be looked at as lessons and you need to learn and keep going.

Start Small, Grow Gradually

Until you get it right, you should start small. If you plan to invest big to start with, it is also likely that you might lose big. You can always expand your investment once you are more confidant on your business model and your ability to manage it. Until that, you should keep working on getting your business right, always tune it and always look for ways to improve. Again, remember that success does not come over night

In the early stage, if you have second thoughts on your ability to start and become successful with your own business, you can always start it as a side hustle while you are on a regular job.

Finance Management

With employment or with business you need to master the basics of financial management. Personal finance management is both a skill and a discipline. You can learn and develop this skill. You also can improve your financial behavior over time. It is a common problem that many people face, that they do not understand what is happening to their money. With improved discipline and behavior, this can be fixed easily to help you improve your financial stability.

The first step towards financial management is saving money. To start with, you can consider allocating at least 5% of your income as savings. Simple financial management tools such as expense tracking, expense classification and bucketing your expenses can give you great insights into what is really happening to your money. These are simple, but very powerful tools. Once you start saving at least 5% of your income, you will be enlightened yourself on how to go to a higher saving target.

When you reach 10% or more savings from your income, then it is time to plan on how to expand your savings further. There are two techniques you can follow. One is to increase your income, and the other is to invest your saved money wisely to be able to get some return on investment. If you can eventually reach the level where you can save 25% from your income, you have reached a master level of finance management.

One of the very important element of personal finance management is to have an emergency fund ready at all times. A portion of your savings needs to be kept separate as emergency fund to help manage unexpected expenses that are essential and hard to eliminate in life. Some examples situations where you would want to spend from your emergency fund are, a health matter, a close relative funeral or a sudden vehicle breakdown.

Career Success

Progressing your career is one of the ways you can increase your income. You need to plan mid-term and long term to get there. Just doing a job for the same income month after month will not lead you to financial independence. Rather than being a person who always borrow money, you need to be able to lend money one day. For this, if you are doing a job, you need to have a good plan for your career development.

When you focus on career development, it is key that you focus on building skills that is in high demand in the job market. If you are a person with scares skillset, then your ability to have higher remuneration increases.

One of the key skills in high demand in the industry all the time is leadership. All industries need more leaders. Another is people skills. You can have great technical or theoretical knowledge, but if you have better people skills, your business value increases. Some other critical skills are your ability to communicate, sell, market and negotiate. Many think that they have these skills, however, the reality is that people with these skills are very hard to find in the industry. The other fact is that these skills are common at the surface level but rare at the advanced level. You need to seek what skills that matter and develop them to the level beyond the surface level and average level.

Personal Development

You need to always be open to evolution. The most successful people are those who can evolve though challenging times. You have to have a personal plan for your own development.

Note that, it is very important that you plan your personal development based on your personal interests, passion, dreams and goals. It is always welcome that you seek advice and mentorship. However, the secret to success is to know what you want in your life and then keep going and achieve what you want. While you need advice from mentors, you need to draw your own development plan based on your own innovation. Be inspired from others and be creative with your development plans.

Empower Individuals

Empower can help you plan your personal development, personal finance management, career planning, skills development, talent management, planning and goal setting. We specialize in helping you identify your potential, help pursue your dreams, plan your life and uplift your lifestyle.

When in need, you can consult us on any matters that you think will empower you to reach your life goals and dreams.

The counselling and consultancy on personal development is not about forcing our ideas and ideologies on you. A fitting mentoring and counseling model needs to focus on listening and identifying the individual, their needs and wats. Sometimes, it is all about just listening to the story. Helping an individual express themselves with freedom and letting them do that with an open mind often yields the best results when it comes to people empowerment. Empower can make you feel at home and help you be the best you can be.

We Empower people with leadership and growth mindset thinking. Poverty thinking is the main cause for poverty. We become what we think. Empower can help you understand your thinking patterns and then help you develop a leadership thinking pattern. Growth mindset is another proven model to help develop yourself. Fixed mindset thinking is an antipattern that stagnates people and deny personal development. Empower can help you understand these models and then help you adopt these models for your betterment.

Empower can help you get rich. Empower can help earn better, save better and then invest better. Please talk to us on our workshops, training and consulting sessions to understand how we may help you. You can also use our free digital library and e-books.

At Empower, we believe that purpose and meaning contribute to better social life. It is part of your personal development that you seek to understand your purpose. You will also benefit seeking how meaning would lead to a more content life. These factors are very personal in your development and Empower can provide you with a resourceful platform for you to research and explore these on your own.

Empower SMBs

Small and medium businesses can benefit from Empower when you plan to start your own business. Saving money is not enough. You need to eventually explore the entrepreneurship space.

Many people think of entrepreneurship as a complicated endeavor. At Empower, our objective is to help you understand that it is simpler than you think and that anyone can get into the business space and be successful.

We have many small-scale businesses around us that are success cases. The shoe mender, the street food maker, the king-coconut seller, the tuk-tuk driver and the like are all businessmen. They all have business models, and they all earn bread for their families. And they all are successful in what they do, and if they were not, they all go hungry. What we need to help them get to the next level is to help them save better and grow their businesses better.

Empower wants to invest in helping rural economic development. Arrange workshops, consulting and help run projects to Empower the small and medium scale businesses. We want to share our experiences, provide them with financial and business advice, provide a platform to discuss their challenges and help them grow.

Empower Organizations

In an organization, the people are the most important asset. If the people who work for the organization grow, then the organization will grow.

There are many challenges to overcome in today’s business space.  Efficient and effective operations, customer success and satisfaction, innovation for competitive advantage, acquisition and retention of suitable talent are some of those challenges. Empower helps organizations to build and grow their workforce beyond mere motivation. Motivation and positive thinking is just the tip of the iceberg for your workforce. What we really need is a self-regulating, accountable, responsible people who will help grow the organization. For this, Empower programs are ideal to help your workforce build their personalities with a growth and leadership mindset.

Empower CSR

We can help private businesses implement corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects. There are 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations. These provide a great framework for private businesses to identify the needs of the communities when planning CSR projects in a sustainable manner. Empower can help you plan and execute CSR projects in line with these goals.

Ending poverty, preventing hunger and ensuring health can all be done by engaging the communities and empowering them to build and grow themselves.

Youth empowerment is a critical part of sustainable development. To facilitate innovation, we need to empower the youth by providing them with safe spaces to operate, opportunities and inclusivity.

Leadership empowerment to enable leaders at all levels to be able to focus on positive outcomes will ensure the sustainable progression of all communities. The idea that everyone is a leader and that anyone can play a leadership role and have a positive impact, has not been understood well at the social level. We could ignite the passion and potential through CSR projects to ensure social development at grassroot levels.

If we are to Empower and get to the maximum results, we need to spend time to identify the individuals and the communities. A very common mistake in charity and CSR projects is the tendency to push down a canned predefined model hoping for better outcomes. However, the outcomes solely depend on the emotions, orientations and socio-economic realities of the target groups. Often times, the target groups know better than us on what would work and what would not. Hence, Empower model is to have a collaborative approach towards CSR and development projects.